There's nothing quite like home videos and I know the heart warming feeling I get watching my own childhood home movies; it really is so special. I wanted to recreate this experience for my son so that he will be able to look back on his childhood and recall long forgotten heart warming moments of his own life.

I have always enjoyed watching the little video clips that Google photos produce from my footage and images. My only issue, is that the clips are chosen randomly with software, and some special moments are often overlooked. These moments are so precious, they deserve to be curated and laid out with precise care.


Hi I'm

I'm a mum to a toddler so I understand the importance of capturing life's special moments. But as we all know, those precious memories can get lost in the endless stream of photos and videos on our phones. I dreamed of creating something that my family could cherish in years to come.

That's why I created The Seasons of Life - a service that curates your personal footage into beautiful, nostalgic films. Imagine being able to relive the joy and wonder of your child's first steps, or the silly antics of your furry friends, all set to the soundtrack of the season in which they happened.


Since becoming a mother, I’ve realised just how quickly time can fly by. Life is a carousel that just keeps getting faster and faster as the years go.

That’s why I’m here! I want to help you slow down the time.

Starting at a young age, I’ve had a lifelong obsession with taking photos and videos. I was always the girl with a digital camera taking photos of my friends, capturing the memory so that I could look back on them.

A particular eye-opening moment that made me feel my ‘why’ to my core was when I filmed my cousins Opa saying a beautiful speech about family at a family gathering. (This was before iphones). I knew while recording that this was a special moment but didn't realise just how much special it was until he passed away.

After I heard the news I dug around until I found the footage of him. I offered to make the special slideshow for the family that was played at his funeral and added the recorded speech at the end. It was so special to hear his voice again and had the whole room in tears and brought everyone back to that time.

This is what fills my cup, knowing that I can help others salvage their special moments, I can’t wait to help you hold onto yours. x 

I have such a passion for documenting moments

Gippsland Wedding Videographer,
Family photographer and
film-maker (Alana Kate Films)

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