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Your film duration will depend on the package and the length of your clips you upload.
Your film may be between 4 minutes to 90 minutes. The film will run in chronological order.

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the video packages




Perfect for those customers who have a decent amount of footage and looking for a way to make a time capsule, documenting the moment and keeping the video very engaging. With this package, you can upload up to 30GB of footage, (approx 2,100 video clips) and we'll turn it into a series of short 4-second clips arranged in chronological order and set to music. This option is ideal for customers who want a quick and simple way to capture the highlights of their footage and create a cohesive and engaging  film. Average film length between 30 - 90 minutes.

the 4 second delight



This package is designed for customers who want a more polished and personalised finished product, upload up to 5 or 10GB of footage (approx 350/700 video clips). With this package, we'll go through each clip individually and edit it to create a compelling story. This package is ideal for customers who want a more detailed and thoughtfully crafted film that captures the essence of their memories, the film will be placed in chronological order. Average film length between 30 - 90 minutes.

the memory keeper

5GB $349
10GB $449

 quick example of the memory keeper video package

The most affordable option in our lineup, designed for customers who want a simple and budget-friendly way to turn their phone footage into a keepsake film. With this short and sweet option you can upload up to 70 video clips and we'll arrange the clips in chronological order and set to music. This option is ideal for customers who have a limited amount of footage & just want to capture only the highlights of their memories in a simple and enjoyable film. This video option is also the ideal package for a gift to someone or to honour a loved one that has past. Average film length is around 5- 10 minutes.

 quick example of the 4 second delight video package

 quick example of the short & Sweet video package

short & sweet

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PORTRAIT digital video album 

LANDSCAPE digital video album

At The Seasons of Life, we understand the power of home videos to spark emotions and bring back long-forgotten memories. That's why we take the time to carefully edit and curate your phone footage with an editor's eye, ensuring that no special moment is overlooked. We use the audio of your video so you can hear the giggles and voices of your loved ones. Music is played softly in the background but the audio of the moment is our priority. 

No need to struggle with editing software or apps - all you have to do is keep recording those precious moments with your device. Leave the rest to us and let us help you create a keepsake you'll treasure for years to come.

In the endless stream of photos and videos on your phone, precious moments can easily get lost. Don't let your child's first steps, first words, or silly moments become just another file in your gallery. With The Seasons of Life, you can cherish these special times and hold onto them forever.

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Simply upload 70 video clips and we'll arrange the clips in chronological order and set to music and turn it into an engaging 4 minute film.
Celebrate and preserve the extraordinary journey of your baby's first year with our Baby's First Year Memory Book. This is more than just a book; it's a time capsule of cherished memories and milestones. As your little one turns one or approaches that remarkable milestone, our personalised baby book is the perfect gift to capture and relive those precious moments. Crafted with love and care, this beautifully designed portrait linen-bound album is not just a book; it's a keepsake that can be proudly displayed on your bookshelf, gracing your home for years to come.

Baby's First Year Video Memory Book
 - Album included


 quick example of the baby's first year memory book

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If you have purchased the digital video album ($220) the video will be loaded onto your album otherwise you will receive an online link to your video for you to download the video.

I am blown away, the delivery and the presentation was absolutely beautiful and THEN I opened it..... THESE ARE BEYOND SPECIAL!!!!! I cried the afternoon away with my babies as we reminisced on our old memories!! This is truly the ultimate gift!! - Victoria


      Digital video album

As time passes, your Handheld Digital Video Album becomes more than just a collection of videos - it becomes a priceless treasure, a legacy for generations to come.

Imagine your children, grandchildren, and beyond, transported back in time to witness the love, laughter, and adventures of their family's story.



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preserve YOUR MOST                         

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these are the heart-filling memories you’ll come back to.
Let’s make this exact moment last forever.

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